Parution de The Handbook of European Communication History

avec une contribution d’Olivier BAISNÉE.

Professionalisms and Journalism History : Lessons from European variations
Risto Kunelius, Olivier Baisnée and Sergio Splendore
In The Handbook of European Communication History
Klaus Arnold (Editor), Paschal Preston (Editor), Susanne Kinnebrock (Editor)
Wiley-Blackwell, October 2019, 520 Pages

A ground breaking handbook that takes a cross-national approach to the media history of Europe of the past 100 years
The Handbook of European Communication History is a definitive and authoritative handbook that fills a gap in the literature to provide a coherent and chronological history of mass media, public communication and journalism in Europe from 1900 to the late 20th century. With contributions from teams of scholars and members of the European Communication Research and Education Association, the Handbook explores media innovations, major changes and developments in the media systems that affected public communication, as well as societies and culture. The contributors also examine the general trends of communication history and review debates related to media development.
To ensure a transnational approach to the topic, the majority of chapters are written not by a single author but by international...

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